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The Bible is not a set of rules and regulations that must be followed to earn a place near God. It is a picture, painted over thousands of years, of God’s pursuit of mankind. It is the story of the bridegroom seeking his bride. Is he going to strike you with lightning or pull all his blessings from your life if you sin? Probably not. But he gave you his heart to protect. Religion prevents you from seeing in the spirit because it puts a wall of regulation and duty where God intended to put love. It makes you a slave when he’s looking for a son.
Blake K. Healy, The Veil (via aviolenthope)
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I’ve learned that when the enemy attacks, God reacts. God doesn’t just sit back and think, “Well, I wonder what’s going to happen. I wonder what they’re going to do.” No, God goes to work. You are His most prized possession. It says in Psalms, “God is close to those that are hurting. God is close to the broken hearted.” God knows when you’ve gotten a bad medical report. He knows when you’re struggling in your finances. He knows when you’re being mistreated. You may not see anything happening, but you can be assured that Almighty God is not only aware, He is at work. He already has the solution. If you will stay in faith, at the right time, He will release a flood of His power, a flood of healing, a flood of restoration. He will not only bring you out, He will bring you out better off than you were before!

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In our heartbreak; Christ finds His way through the cracks.
T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via tblaberge)
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Imagine that even a snowflake that is formed and can fade away in a moment, God still has the careful to make this so perfectly. 
Now imagine you.
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